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The Brooklyn Music Festival
By Shana Morgan

Summer is steadily approaching and the recession has continued to hit many New York residents. Vacations and retreats seem to be things of the past, as many city residents hold tight onto to each and every dollar that they make. Many families have started to slice away at their recreational budgets, while fun has been totally eliminated from their agendas.

Jammins Entertainment hopes to bring “the soul of the Carribean to many New Yorkers providing them with the sense of vacation that they so desperately need.” Jammins Entertainment will be hosting its 2nd annual Brooklyn Music Festival at the Aviator Sports and Recreation Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York.

This huge festival will showcase the diverse genres of music that Brooklyn has to offer such as Reggae, Ska Music, Old School, R&B, Calypso, Hip Hop and Reggaeton. Several artists have already confirmed: Beenie Man, Big Daddy Kane, Serani, Capleton, Tarrus Riley, Mavado, Marcia Griffiths, Elephant Man, Benny Bwoy, Leon & The Peoples Band, Brown Rice Family Band and Bounty Killa.

Tickets go on sale March 24th and early bird specials are as low a $39.

Graffiti Brings Hope to Urban City

By Shana Morgan
Photography By Shana Morgan

Baltimore City has its share of crime but, when driving around, one can’t help but to notice the walls that are spray painted with images of hope and prosperity. Residents conduct their daily routines frequently neglecting these images. Greenmount Avenue which is known as an urban shopping district, and is also home to thousands of drug addicted residents, is one area where these images are most prevalent.


This portrait represents the Black family and the importance of motherhood. Many Black families in Baltimore City have been destroyed by drugs and crime. This image is meant to inspire the residents. Who is the artist of this inspirational masterpiece? The answer to that question is unknown, but who ever he or she may be deserves a job well done!


This portrait shows a rose growing not from soil but, from concrete. You may be asking yourself how is this possible but, the image represents the idea that Baltimore City will one day prevail despite the area’s adversity.

All graffiti featured on this page can be found exclusively on Greeenmount and North Avenue in Baltimore City.

Subway Goes Bullet Proof?

Written By Shana Morgan
Photography By Shana Morgan

5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong!

5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong!

“Turkey, cheese, salami, lettuce and tomatoes please,” one customer says, standing behind a bullet proof glass. Have you ever ordered your Subway like this? Well, bullet proof glass on North Ave, in Baltimore City isn’t strange at all. In fact, KFC which is just blocks away also has a “coat of protection,” a term used by a manager of the establishment.

According to residents of North Avenue the area in the 1980’s was plagued by drugs and crime, and for that reason, bullet proof glass was installed in most local stores. Okay, this would explain why KFC has the glass. The KFC on North Avenue has been around since 1979, but Subway is a relatively new development that recently surfaced on North Avenue within the last five years.

KFC on North Avenue

KFC on North Avenue

In 2008, North Avenue is still known as an urban area, but crime has decreased significantly over the past 20 years. Subway which is independently owned said, ” the area is bad and we have to protect our store from thieves.” North Avenue’s Subway, since it was established, has never reported any suspicious activity or potential crime incidents. Is this because of the bullet proof glass? “No, the bullet proof glass is some what extreme,” says Police Officer, Hughes. “The area of North Avenue has not had any fast food stick-ups since the late 1990’s.”


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