Hair Obsession

Taking You Back
Positive Hip Hop Music: Black Consciousness
Old School Jam of the Week
Queen Latifa “U.N.I.T.Y “

New Release: A Must Read
A Mercy by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison has done it yet again- experience the joys of mercy!

Toni Morrison has done it yet again- experience the joys of mercy!

Set in the 1680s, when this country’s reliance on slavery, as an economic engine, was just beginning, ‘A Mercy’ explores the repercussions of an enslaved mother’s desperate act: She offers her small daughter to a stranger in payment for her master’s debt.

Below, Morrison gives the background and details of her new novel.


Alicia Keys is Said to Sing at President-Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration

On the Trya Bank Show, Alicia Keys expressed that she may be performing during the 2009 inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Rumors have been flying around that R&B artists Beyonce and Mary J. Blige were tied as primary picks, but it seems like they both have fallen behind, while Alicia Keys has picked up the pace and now holds the baton.

Coming Soon : The Secret Life of Bees
Starring: Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifa, and Alicia Keys

New Release :Cadillac Records
December 5, 2008
Starring: Beyonce Knowles and Mos Def
…Looks Like Another Dream Girls Production (Who Said That?)


American Black Film Festival
Enjoy a 4 day retreat with Hollywood stars

June 2009 Register Now at



National Black Fine Art Show
Friday, February 13 – February 15
7 West 34th Street New York, NY



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