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How to Forgive a Cheating Man

29 Jun

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Discovering that the man you love has been intimately involved with someone else is never easy. While others may be trying to convince you to leave your cheating mate, a part of you wants to give him a second chance. This is a decision that only you can make, but first consider if he truly deserves a second chance. Ask yourself, has he done anything like this before? If this is his first offense and you believe that one day you will be able to trust him again, than follow these steps and begin your healing process in forgiving your cheating man.

1) Don’t Dwell – If you dwell on it, you will dwell in it; “it” being the sexual act that was committed by your mate. If you agree to work through the situation, do not bring up old details. Stay busy if you find yourself, during downtime, contemplating about his mistakes. This will only frustrate you and lead to more unanswered questions that he may not want to answer or, you don’t want to hear the answers to. You will find yourself having the same argument over and over again.

2) Don’t Dig – “Digging” is perhaps the most non-productive activity women engage themselves in. If you have recently learned that your man is cheating, don’t “dig” or “search” for more incriminating evidence. If new suspicions begin to arise address them verbally preferably, during a couples counseling session.

3) Talk it out – Wanting to know WHY is natural, but you need to ask WHY in a healthy setting. Couple counseling is beneficial to couples who have experienced issues of infidelity and it can provide you with the answers you need to know in order to successfully move forward.

4) Leave friends and family out of it – Naturally, our family and friends like to protect us from any form of harm. So, of course, they are going to convince you not to forgive your partner. They do not want to see you cry and your confusion makes them uncomfortable. While you may want to tell your friends and family, they are only going to tell you what THEY think is best for you. Their opinions may vary, and you might have someone close to you who is concerned about the preservation of your relationship. Ultimately, in a situation like this it’s best to seek professional advice.

5) It Takes Time- Forgiving a cheating mate is not an easy task. It is NOT something that happens overnight. It is a process and during it, healing and restoration gradually develop. If you continue to go to therapy (never assume that things will work themselves out over time), a level of trust and a sense of commitment will resurface in your relationship. Your mate’s continuous attendance will prove his sincerity and commitment to change. Do new things with your partner and work on the TLC aspect of your relationship.


Saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson “The King of Pop!”

26 Jun


On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead after physicians failed to resuscitate him. At the age of 50 years old, Jackson leaves millions of fans behind who remember his vibrant career and unprecedented peaks of sales and international popularity. How does America say goodbye to “The King of Pop?”

1. Pay Your Respects: Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to a celebrity icon like Michael Jackson. Fans around the world have paid their respects with memorial pages on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. While others, have decided to purchase timeless memorandums like autographed T-shirts, CD’s, and posters on sites like EBay. If you are an innovative person, you can organize your own memorial service and encourage fans to attend. You can also visit and post a message about your feelings regarding Jackson’s untimely death. These are just a few ways to pay your respect to the late pop sensation.

2. Request/Buy his music: Call your local radio station and request to hear your favorite Jackson classic. This will help you and millions of others say goodbye. If you have never purchased a Michael Jackson CD before and have always wanted to, the time is now. Purchasing an artist’s music and showing love for their craft is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and condolences. has “Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection,” priced for $34.97 with free shipping. What better way to say goodbye?

3. Research his life mission and support his cause: Michael Jackson was a humanitarian, and had a number of charities. If you would like to contribute to one of Jackson’s well known charities visit Contact the charity and ask how you can be of service to their needs.

4. Never Forget Him: Let us, just for a moment, compare literature and music. Great music, like great literature will be remembered forever. Shakespeare is timeless and so is Michael Jackson. If you vow never to forget him, he will live on forever in memory and through the words of his songs, and you will never have to say goodbye.