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Gary Timmer, affectionately known as the “The Weight Loss Nurse” is the author of the new book entitled, “Weight Loss: A Nurse’s Guide to Doing It Right.” The book comprised of strategies and formulas to combat obesity. It is co-authored by Shana Timmer, wife of the author. The authors take you by the hand and give you a step by guide to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off!

Weight loss from the perspective of a nurse, as illustrated in the novel, is both thorough and informative. However, the book is reader friendly. New concepts pertaining to weight loss, science, and statistics are written on the intermediate level.

New ideas such as cognitive dissonance and its connection to weight loss in explore in the new book. The couple’s creativity is evident as they were successful in coining a new approach to weight loss , “The 4th Quarter Mindset,” which is sure to shake things up as it does not only apply to weight loss. According to the book, the 4th Quarter approach can be applied to ANY area of your life to ensure success.

This book is a must read if you’re trying to  Lose Weight and Keep It Off ! 




Donald Trump or Chump? 2016 Presidential Debate Gone Wrong!

28 Sep


In case you missed the debate, CLICK HERE ! A definite MUST SEE , before reading.

Watching last night’s debate proved to be a less than an enjoyable experience. After covering the 2008 election as editor and chief of my college’s newspaper, The Spokesman – I can tell you by way of experience that last night’s “debate” wasn’t in fact a debate at all. Never have I witnessed a candidate for presidency conduct themselves in the manner in which Donald Trump did last night. It was visually and verbally clear that he not only had a lack of respect for the democratic nominee, Senator Hillary Clinton but also for the moderator of the debate. Countless were the number of times that he interrupted his opponent, shouting over her and ignoring the moderator’s request to let her speak without any further interruptions.


Lestor Holt, 2016 Presidential Debate moderator – struggled with getting Trump to respect his opponent and the formality of the debate.

Despite wearing a blue tie, which male candidates usually wear as a sign of respect to the opposing party or as a symbol of their desire for last minute votes, Trump illustrated neither respect nor did he manage to be effective in gaining a substantial number of new democratic followers. Trump’s actions, lack of political etiquette, and inability to answer questions in a detailed manner helped to solidify for many voters that he is incapable of running a country.

In attempt to gain popularity, Trump made up a fictitious story that damaged the credibility of a highly respected individual, our current president Barack Obama. Now whether you are a supporter of Trump or not there should be some kind of dislike for a man who initiates and orchestrates a continuum of  such a distasteful claim to fame. Then again this is just another example of how despicable his character presents itself.

Another example of distaste while on the subject is perhaps Trump’s refusal to present his tax returns and why is that – the reason is because he accumulates massive amounts of debt and then writes it off every seven years, using the laws of bankruptcy. Look through New York Time’s archives and search “Donald Trump’s debt” and you’ll find articles about bad real estate deals – property management lawsuits, mechanic liens for unpaid labor – the list goes on and on.


The most disturbing fact, which Trump actually admitted to because Federal court files are public, was his participation and leadership in what real estate legislatures consider a crime – refusing to rent or sell to African Americans on the accord of race. The fact that he wasn’t alone in his discriminatory act, indirectly suggests the type of thinking he maintains in business and the unethical people he chooses as business partners.

Attempting to dilute the seriousness of his offense, Trump mentioned a club that he owns in West Palm Beach which he describes as “diversified.” Today, unlike during the 1970’s, business owners have to integrate night clubs and because his night club serves a younger generation which isn’t very caught up on race – it’s just a good business decision not to be a racist in 2016. Earning the maximum amount of return on an investment is why Trump integrates today not because he, all of sudden, is no longer a racist. In order to make a conscious decision that disobeyed the law and regulations of real estate, Trump had to make a  distinctive decision to discriminate against African Americans – the inappropriate treatment of blacks was okay in the 1970’s and if elected will be okay during the years of his presidency.

“We need law and order,” he said when responding to a question regarding bridging the gap between the government and race. The response in itself means nothing. We have enough law and order that no one respects because the “law and order” disproportionately better serves certain populations over others specifically, Blacks and Latinos who are incarcerated in astronomical numbers compared to their white counterparts. The stop and frisk law that was imposed in New York was unconstitutional. Blacks and Latinos were frisked randomly and more than the white residents of New York. How do I know because I lived there for 22 years and witnessed people being randomly searched in Grand Central Station without any probable cause. The problem with the stop and frisk law and why it should never be reimposed is because not all people of color need nor want to be bodily violated at the expense of an officer who sees fit. 


The solution to race is simple and I believe that Hillary touched upon it during the debate. Retraining officers is necessary. The way in which officers are trained and have been trained for years is in a manner that supports prejudice. The NYPD police exam depicts suspects that resemble individuals of the Black and Latino community – features are suggestive despite being illustrated in black and white. The academy that officers go through grooms them to find probable cause and identify suspects. How does one identify a suspect without probable cause? These individual “judgements” that took place during the stop and frisk  era, were solely based on what the officer believed a criminal to look like which was usually, as reinforced by the images portrayed throughout their training, people of color. As a result, innocent tax paying black middle class residents were being frisked because they were black and lived in a underprivileged area of the city or perhaps just visiting.


NYPD Academy : Black and Latinos are hardly represented as clearly depicted. Hire more Black and Latino officers to serve Black and Latino  communities! That’s a solution. 

The fact of the matter is truthfully, I don’t care if you’re a democrat or republican – VOTE SMART and don’t be a follower of someone just because they represent your party. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. Candidates are usually voted for based on popularity and the ability to relate to America. After last night’s frenzy, Trump is no longer as popular as he once was as evidenced by  recent polls and he certainly can’t relate to the majority of Americans.

Peace and blessings, leave your comments below.

Shana K. Timmer



How to Forgive a Cheating Man

29 Jun

zz infedelity

Discovering that the man you love has been intimately involved with someone else is never easy. While others may be trying to convince you to leave your cheating mate, a part of you wants to give him a second chance. This is a decision that only you can make, but first consider if he truly deserves a second chance. Ask yourself, has he done anything like this before? If this is his first offense and you believe that one day you will be able to trust him again, than follow these steps and begin your healing process in forgiving your cheating man.

1) Don’t Dwell – If you dwell on it, you will dwell in it; “it” being the sexual act that was committed by your mate. If you agree to work through the situation, do not bring up old details. Stay busy if you find yourself, during downtime, contemplating about his mistakes. This will only frustrate you and lead to more unanswered questions that he may not want to answer or, you don’t want to hear the answers to. You will find yourself having the same argument over and over again.

2) Don’t Dig – “Digging” is perhaps the most non-productive activity women engage themselves in. If you have recently learned that your man is cheating, don’t “dig” or “search” for more incriminating evidence. If new suspicions begin to arise address them verbally preferably, during a couples counseling session.

3) Talk it out – Wanting to know WHY is natural, but you need to ask WHY in a healthy setting. Couple counseling is beneficial to couples who have experienced issues of infidelity and it can provide you with the answers you need to know in order to successfully move forward.

4) Leave friends and family out of it – Naturally, our family and friends like to protect us from any form of harm. So, of course, they are going to convince you not to forgive your partner. They do not want to see you cry and your confusion makes them uncomfortable. While you may want to tell your friends and family, they are only going to tell you what THEY think is best for you. Their opinions may vary, and you might have someone close to you who is concerned about the preservation of your relationship. Ultimately, in a situation like this it’s best to seek professional advice.

5) It Takes Time- Forgiving a cheating mate is not an easy task. It is NOT something that happens overnight. It is a process and during it, healing and restoration gradually develop. If you continue to go to therapy (never assume that things will work themselves out over time), a level of trust and a sense of commitment will resurface in your relationship. Your mate’s continuous attendance will prove his sincerity and commitment to change. Do new things with your partner and work on the TLC aspect of your relationship.

Saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson “The King of Pop!”

26 Jun


On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead after physicians failed to resuscitate him. At the age of 50 years old, Jackson leaves millions of fans behind who remember his vibrant career and unprecedented peaks of sales and international popularity. How does America say goodbye to “The King of Pop?”

1. Pay Your Respects: Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to a celebrity icon like Michael Jackson. Fans around the world have paid their respects with memorial pages on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. While others, have decided to purchase timeless memorandums like autographed T-shirts, CD’s, and posters on sites like EBay. If you are an innovative person, you can organize your own memorial service and encourage fans to attend. You can also visit and post a message about your feelings regarding Jackson’s untimely death. These are just a few ways to pay your respect to the late pop sensation.

2. Request/Buy his music: Call your local radio station and request to hear your favorite Jackson classic. This will help you and millions of others say goodbye. If you have never purchased a Michael Jackson CD before and have always wanted to, the time is now. Purchasing an artist’s music and showing love for their craft is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and condolences. has “Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection,” priced for $34.97 with free shipping. What better way to say goodbye?

3. Research his life mission and support his cause: Michael Jackson was a humanitarian, and had a number of charities. If you would like to contribute to one of Jackson’s well known charities visit Contact the charity and ask how you can be of service to their needs.

4. Never Forget Him: Let us, just for a moment, compare literature and music. Great music, like great literature will be remembered forever. Shakespeare is timeless and so is Michael Jackson. If you vow never to forget him, he will live on forever in memory and through the words of his songs, and you will never have to say goodbye.

Its So Hard to Say Goodbye…to Harlem!

18 May
The following is an illustration of Harlem in 20 years according to NYC's city planning devision.

The following is an illustration of Harlem in 20 years according to NYC's city planning devision.

According to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Mayor Michael David Bloomberg, has plans to create new open space throughout the city and make neighborhoods more attractive and liveable by implementing the Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan.

On March 30, 2009, the West Harlem Pier Park was opened for New Yorker’s enjoyment. The park is two-acres of green that connects West Harlem to the Hudson River Greenway and features a docking pier, fishing pier, bicycle and pedestrian paths, public art and landscaped open space.

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Robert C. Lieber believes that the new plan will create more jobs for New Yorkers, establish long-term economic growth, and create affordable, attractive neighborhoods.

Harlem’s Pier Park is just one of the many developments that city planning has in store. Others include the expansion on Columbia University’s campus and the restoration of a number of public housing units. Specifically, Lincoln public housing, which is a waterfront property, has already been targeted.

Many Harlem residents have been sedulous in their attemps to end gentrification and have joined groups like the Harlem Tenents Council in their efforts. Harlem gentrification is not a new issue. In fact, the New York Times published an article entitled, “Harlem’s Hedge Against Gentrification” in 1987.

In the article, David N. Dinkins, the Manhattan Borough President condemned a city plan that would allow white construction companies access to 45 empty buildings, while allowing them to construct 900 living units. Mr Dinkins said, “the proposal would only open the way for widespread gentrification of Harlem with no promise of improvement for present residents.”

Below is footage of a Harlem Tenants Council demonstration against Harlem’s deconstruction.

Angela Davis speaks on Anti-Racism, Feminism, and Abolition Democracy

6 Mar
Angela Davis, radical black activist and philosopher, was arrested as a suspected conspirator in the abortive attempt to free George Jackson from a courtroom in Marin County, California, August 7, 1970.

Angela Davis, radical black activist and philosopher, was arrested as a suspected conspirator in the abortive attempt to free George Jackson from a courtroom in Marin County, California, August 7, 1970.

On March 5, 2008, Towson University’s Center for Student Diversity sponsored a lecture that drew a large crowd to its Student Union’s Potomac Lounge. Guest speaker, Dr. Angela Y. Davis, former member of the Black Panther Party, spoke on the topics of anti-racism, feminism, and abolition democracy.

Angela Davis is the author of Prison Industrial Complex and professor of the History of Consciousness program at the University of California. During the late 1960’s, Davis was placed on the FBI’s Top 20 Most Wanted list for her anti-govenment activism. Today, she is internationally known for her ongoing work to combat all forms of oppression in the U.S.

Davis explored the “obsolete prison system” in relation to the three topics of discussion. She also mentioned the recent inauguration of America’s first president of African descent and her hopes for him in office. “If Barak Obama supports freedom fighters, he will support anti-government activism,” Davis said.

Often referring to her allotted time and staying on task, Davis quickly mentioned other issues that were loosely related to her three major topics. The topic of Proposition 8 (the legalization of gay marriage) in the state of California and its relation to racism and discrimination was briefly mentioned. “We should allow gay couples to marry, who are we to say that they can’t?” Davis said.

While the event lasted a total of three hours, Davis was able to engage the audience through with her humor and personality. Her lecture was intertwined with statistical facts, research related information, occasional jokes, and a concluding prayer.

Y-Love the Black Jew, Lays Down the Hip Hop Game

16 Jan


Y-Love is a Black Jew who raps and is successfully building a name for himself in Brooklyn. Originally from Baltimore, Y-Love ventured to Brooklyn to deepen his understanding of Judaism and to escape his life of crime in Baltimore City.

Y-Love recalls a time when he and a pair of friends were planning to rob a building. As his friends crawled inside, Y-Love waiting outside had a religious epiphany. “It was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and instead of celebrating in the synagogue I was helping to break a commandment,” he shamefully admits.” Today, Y-Love hopes to use his music to promote the Jewish faith and to improve the lives of Americans.

Although extremely soft spoken, Y-Love brings an incredible presence to the stage while rapping in English, Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish, the languages of the Talmud. He is also studying Greek, Latin and Arabic, which he has already began to incorporate into his faith-based lyrics.

There have been other Jewish Hip-Hop rappers but Y-Love brings a certain flavor to the stage, that others before him did not possess. For example, Hip Hop lovers were introduced to Matisyahu in 2006. Since his album first debuted, Matisyahu has become the most prominent Jewish rapper in the United States.

Now, it is time for Y-Love, the black Jew, to take center stage. If Y-Love is granted an equal amount of publicity as his predecessor, than he will surely rise to the top and overshadow any slight remembrance of Matisyahu.

The Jay-Z of Jewish Hip Hop has arrived.